In Pokemon Rumble Blast there are 5 Towns. Towns are basically a Safe Haven with only peaceful pokemon which you can talk to. There is also An Drilbur in the field which will dig a hole to the town, the town will also have a hole to the area the Drilbur Was, The player can also choose Return to Town from the pause menu.

Toy TownEdit

Toy town

This is the town the player starts the game in. The player First visits here when they land here after an unbeatable battle with Zekrom in the Tutorial. After that Lillipup greets the player and tells Him/Her about the battle royale. The player heals up at the Glowing fountain (later to have the glowdrops stolen from it by cobalion)


There are several Facilites in toy town that will help the player with their adventure through the land of toy pokemon.


This machine that looks like a gumball machine, will let the player's pokemon learn new or a second move, just for a small fee, there is also a blue one to the side that lets you specifically learn the move Giga Impact (Five stars) for 100,000 Poke.