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                   Pokemon rumble blast storyline

Cutscene 1

      Mii,s toy shop is being visited by other mii's.
      It's a nice day in the Pokemon toy shop.then
      A green Mii comes and winds up a toy pikachu.
      He puts it down and it suddenly appears in the
      World of toy Pokemon.

Cutscene 2

      the glass beneath zekrom and ??? Breaks and
      zekrom flys away as ??? Continues falling.
      ??? Then appears in toy town.

Cutscene 3

      Pawniyard,Deino and vullabay talks to ??? About
      The championship and them winning it.then lilipup
      Starts to talk about it and a picture appears.
      Pawniyard replies:only the best Pokemon can compete
      In,ll never make it and then he turns away.
      Lilipup starts talking to ??? Again and then mr mime
      Says ??? Can go and start his adventure.

To be continued...

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