Status effects are mechanics that effect a toy pokemon's health. They are: freeze, burn, paralysis, poisoning, bad poisoning, and confusion. There are other status effects as well, such as reprisal. Mini-boss pokemon and boss pokemon are usually unaffected.

Poison Edit

Poisoning deals damage over time. A poisoned pokemon will continue to sustain a fixed amount of damage about every quarter of a second. Bad poisoning does the same, but does more damage. This condition is related to the poison type. It is useful when attacking a large group. Among the moves that poison are poison gas, toxic, toxic spikes, and other moves with poisoning as a secondary effect.

Paralysis Edit

Paralyisis renders a toy pokemon immobile. They cannot attack or move. If the circle pad is spun quickly, the period of paralysis will shorten. This condition is related to the electric type, as most electric type moves cause paralysis.

Asleep Edit

When a toy pokemon is asleep, it cannot attack or move, leaving it vulnerable to attacks. Hypnosis is a common sleep inducing move, but there are other moves such as Yawn.