Traits are Special Abilites A toy pokemon can have. When you defeat and befriend a toy pokemon with a trait, when it drops onto the ground, the circle will be a gear, and when you pick up the said toy pokemon the pokemon's name and the ability will be shown in pink colored text.


Adept: Avoids Negative/Annoying status effects that hinder you

Resilliant: Will be left with 1 HP after a hit that would have knocked it out

Turbo: Keeps using moves when the button is held down

Speedy: The pokemon will move faster
Healthy: The pokemon will heal HP naturally Macho: Power increases during a multiplayer session or a team battle
Superstar: "Cool & Popular" The pokemon is more of a target... The pokemon also will get a spotlight. PokeTC: Boosts strength of Self & Other players in Multiplayer. Rapid Fire+: Moves will fire even longer when you hold down the button (basically a better turbo) Greedy: Draws P closer, also brings prices down on  the Move-a-majig Perky: Heals from Status afflictions faster, whether they are good or bad does not matter with the healing process.

Slugger: Moves are slower, But have longer range

Slugger+: Basically Slugger Gutsy: Foes will become wobbly easier when attacked Brawny: Gives the pokemon more HP Techie: Moves with low stars become stronger Chop Chop: Allows you to spam both the A & B moves at the same time (Put a type here) Boost: Increases damage from the type before the word boost, moves of that type will also deal more damage when you use them
Lucky: Doubles the amount of Poke Foes drop after defeated Hardy: Increases the defence of the Pokemon Barrier: Super effective moves will not damage the Pokemon Reflection: Bad status effects will be put onto the attacker instead of the pokemon Scourge: The Foe's speed is lowered when the Pokemon is attacked Rally: Friend's strength is increased in multiplayer
Tangling: Restrains the enemy easier Spiky: Damages the opponet on physical contact Skittish: The pokemon deals less damage when HP is low Poisonous: May cause the foe to get poisoned on contact Snappy: Attacks faster Jinxed: Slows the Foe
Lingers: Any Status Change lasts longer Adept: Avoids negative effects including recoil Steely: The Pokemon Inflicts more damage Picky: Can only have one move. Techie, Punchy, And Snappy Combined Grappler: Increases damage on Close Range Moves Rusty: Really bad pokemon that has only struggle, When cleansed in the fountain it gets a new trait, and move
Unruly: Increases damage when moving into foes while attacking Steady: Status Effects will not affect the pokemon Effective: Cannot get hit by super effective moves, but super effective moves dealt Cause more damage Mighty: The pokemon will not be knocked back by the foe's moves Feisty: Pushes Pokemon away Easier Lobber: The Pokemon Deals more damage when attacking a foe within close range of said foe

And finnaly.. Daring- Attack goes up, defense goes down

Traits possible to get after the GameEdit

Yes there are traits you can get only after you beat the game. These traits are mostly multi traits.

  • Brave: Increases Power by 300 Points [Finish game to unlock]
  • Epic: Has many traits at once, and also increases likelihood of toys joining. Takes random special ability. Defeat Cobalion and raise to World Rank 6+ to unlock.

​ The Super, Ultra, Hyper, Great, Special, Miracle, Marvelous, Excellent, Nice, Good, And Excellent Traits give 1 to 6  random regular abilities to the pokemon. Must have a pokemon With the Brave ability to unlock These traits

Traits will also become more common as you increase the world rank.