Rumpus Room is a special room found in the game, The Player may be slinged in the Rumpus Room by a catapult to the next room facing the wrong direction. Rumpus Rooms are unlocked after Chapter 2.

There is a money trick in the meadow in 1-4 involving Rumpus Rooms. The room will have four giant Audino and small Lillipups. KOing the Audino(s) will lower the money amount from the Lillipups, so players just battle the Lillipups for endless money, usually with a toy that has the Trait Lucky,Lucky+,or Lucky ++, and knows a move such as Covet, Thief, etc... that make the foe drop more money.

Sometimes it is possible for Customer Unlocked Pokemon to appear as a Boss Pokemon, These pokemon will Dissapear after a short time.