Battle Royale
The Battle Royale is a large arena with Electric Fences that will damage any Pokemon that comes into contact with it. In a Battle Roayle you must defeat a certain amount of Pokemon to win the match. There is always one or more Boss Pokemon in the Battle Royale which come in near the end of the round.

Since the event is timed every defeated will drop a Stopwatch (2 seconds of time). In a Battle Royale you are unable to swich out pokemon unless the one you're using faints. You are also not allowed to befriend pokemon in a Battle Royale

There is always at least one Battle Royale in every area.

Battle Royales will also have ranks you get depending on how well you clear them.


  • D
  • C
  • B
  • A
  • S

Amount of poke for winning A Battle Royale (Unfinished)Edit

BR=Battle royale

  • 100 Poke (Won in 1-1)
  • 200 Poke (Won in 1-2)
  • 300 Poke (1-3 Grass BR)
  • 300 Poke (1-3 Water BR)